Cataract Surgery Co-Management

Cataract Surgery Co-Management

If a patient chooses to have their surgery co-managed, submit a referral using one of the following methods:

  1. Call (940) 323.8750
  2. Fax to (940) 468.7280
  3. Email
  4. Visit the Patient Referrals page on our website
  • Include patient contact information and demographics with each referral
  • A member of our team will contact your team to schedule the cataract surgery evaluation
  • A member of our surgical coordination department will call your office to facilitate additional appointment scheduling after the patient’s cataract evaluation

Cataract Surgery Consultation

During a cataract surgery consultation, the patient will be examined to determine whether he/she is a candidate for surgery. Once the patient is qualified, AECC will educate the patient regarding the best treatment options based upon the patient’s individual needs.

  • The Advanced Eye Care Center initial cataract surgery consultation takes about 2 hours
  • Necessary testing and measurements will be taken
  • Once a patient is determined to be a candidate for surgery, they will receive information about what to expect before, during, and after surgery
  • Patients will be educated on the benefits of each treatment option
  • Patient will be educated on the financial aspects and scheduling requirements relating to surgery
  • Insurance will be verified for eligibility and patient benefits will be reviewed

What Can Patients Expect?

Patients who select the basic monofocal lens implant with no further vision correction will require glasses or contact lenses after surgery.

Patients who choose a Premium Technology Lens option can expect to experience higher quality vision and no longer need corrective eyewear on a daily basis. However, some may still require glasses for certain tasks.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Some existing pathologies and abnormalities may affect the patient’s visual outcome after cataract surgery. Additionally, these types of conditions may disqualify patients from being a candidate for a Premium Technology Lens option.

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